DEMO: Expensive waste disposal

The board has received several complaints regarding the price of our waste disposal scheme, therefore we are interested in suggestions on how we can bring the price down. The following proposals have been made:

  1. Change supplier ie. see if we can find another provider with a lower price.
  2. Move bins closer to the road and thus negotiate a lower price.
  3. Reduce the frequency of collection of waste.
  4. Abolish the scheme ie. we take our waste to the recycling station ourselves.

Feel free to make other suggestions.

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I think we should see if we can’t find another provider at a better price, so that the price will be lower.

Yes, if there are other providers at okay prices.

We have also discussed this in the board, but the problem is that we are tied to the same provider for 2 years and then we can potentially find another provider.

Yeah okay. Is there any way we can negotiate with them regarding the current price as they are very expensive than other providers in the area? I don’t think it can be right that it is so expensive.

I understand your frustration. We are bound by the contract we have entered into with them. but I would very much like to try and ask them if it is possible to renegotiate the price.

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Great. I hope that it can be done.

Yes, I’ll get back to you after I hear them out.

I have followed this thread and what is the status?

We have just completed the dialogue with them and we have actually succeeded in renegotiating the price, which means that it will be cheaper for all the residents of the housing association Rødbirke.

That’s good news. But concretely, how much will we save financially?

As you are familiar with, gives DKK 500 per household annually and we have reduced that by 25%, which we on the board believe is a fairly large saving.

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I think many of us in the association appreciate that. So thank you.

Also much praise from here.

I’m looking forward to it coming into effect!