DEMO: Suggestions for the Annual General Meeting

Please give us your proposals for agenda items you would like to have taken up for discussion at the upcoming homeowners association AGM.

I think it has been too long in terms of getting help from the caretaker. Maybe because he is busy, but is there any way to reduce the waiting time?

It would be nice if this point could be included.

I don’t think it’s okay for people to leave their rubbish in front of the container as it attracts rats. A solution must therefore be found. I therefore hope that it will be taken up at the general meeting.

We actually talked about this at the last board meeting and we also agreed that we must find a solution as soon as possible. So we’ll include that.

Have spoken to several residents in the association and several of us have problems with the ventilation. Up to several times a month, it stops sucking. Is it possible to get a more permanent solution? You are welcome to take this with you to the general meeting.

It is noted. I will take it with me to the general meeting.