How do I invite users to join my space?

NOTE: Only space owners can add users to their space.

Start by clicking the ‘Invite Members’ button on the members page in the room:

In the window that opens, there are now 2 options:

Invite users who don’t already have an account on Meeet

Users who don’t already have an account on Meeet must first create an account, and can then access the space using the invite code. You can invite them in one of two ways:

  1. Enter their email address in the field marked ‘2’ and then press the ‘Add’ button, or

  2. Copy the invitation code (use the small button with the copy icon to copy the code to the clipboard) and paste it in a personal email you write to the person(s) who would like to invite.

Invite users who already have an account on Meeet

Users who already have an account on Meeet can be added directly by entering their name, username or email in the field marked ‘2’ and then pressing the ‘Add’ button.
If you would like to add many users at once, this can be done by creating a comma separated list and then pasting it into the field.

Worth knowing about invite codes

Meeet uses simple invitation codes, as this is the most efficient way to grant access to many members without having to approve them one at a time. But as the codes give users direct access to the room, it is important that they are not misused. If you suspect that a code has been shared outside your community, or otherwise compromised, you can generate a new code:

  1. Press the ‘Generate’ button (at ‘1’ in the image) and accept the warning. A new code is now generated.

  2. Note that the old code will no longer work, and you must therefore send the new code to all members who have not yet joined the space.