What is a topic and how do I create one?

Topics form the basis of all discussions in Meeet, and consist of 2 main elements:

  1. ‘Main post’ - or the main article that the topic is about. This can be continuously updated by the author as the discussion progresses. In this way, it can be used as a kind of knowledge database that you can return to later.

  2. Answer - this is where the actual discussion takes place. In Meeet you can reply directly to the topic (‘Main post’), but you can also reply to a previous reply. Please note that all answers will be in chronological order with links between the individual answers - that way it is easier to see how the discussion has developed.

How do I create a topic?

Anyone can create topics in the spaces that they are members of. This is done by pressing the ‘New Topic’ button under the ‘Topics’ tab. Note that if the button is not visible, it is because you do not have permission to create a topic here. It can, for example, be the case under some of the support categories.
The topic itself is written using the editor at the bottom of the page.

The editor is divided into 2 sections: A left side for adding and editing content, and the right side for seeing how it will look when saved. The editor includes several features to create attractive and readable posts.

  1. Styles are edited using ‘markdown’ i.e. symbols in the text that are converted when the post is displayed. Some of these can be activated via the icons on the toolbar, while others must be typed directly on the page. If you are unsure about the syntax of markdown, this link can help.

  2. You can insert links by clicking on the link icon, or by inserting the link directly on the page. Most links will show a preview of the content the link points to.

When the topic looks as you think it should, press ‘Create Topic’ to save it.

  1. Files are inserted by clicking on the image icon.

  2. If you want to refer to specific people or groups, this is done by writing ‘@’ and then the username of the person or group. You can e.g. make a reference to everyone in the space by inserting the room ID (hint: search using the space’s name).
    Please note that if you @ mention users or groups, they will receive a notification.